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Coastal Otago Tree Crops

Sunday, 29 July 2007
10:30am - Liz and Paul Crosby's place, Frews Road, Herbert
2:00pm - Wendy and Ken Mcleod's place, Station Road, Totara

Anyone wishing to learn how to prune fruit trees is very welcome to watch or participate in a demonstration pruning day.

Bring lunch or have a cup of soup and a bun at Crosby's.

For information telephone Liz or Paul 439-5107.


Organics Course - Agriculture NZ

Starting 25 July 2007


This course provides key knowledge and skills required for successful organic growing. The overall aim is to build ecosystems, promote biodiversity and increase soil and plant health, instead of relying on artificial fertilisers and poisonous sprays.

Tutor: Jim O'Gorman - The Dirt Doctor.


Tribal Dance - African inspired

Tuesday mornings 9:30 to 11:00
Thursday evenings 6:30 to 8:00

Union Parish Church Hall
Eden Street, Oamaru

Joyous high energy
Earthy tribal rhythms and dances
A fantastic way to express yourself and get fit
No dance experience necessary

Contact: Ra: (021) 115-4884 or 434-8224

Koru Community Dance Theatre

Biological Discussion Day

Tuesday, 17 July 2007
1:00pm - 4:00pm

See and hear the results of applied bio-husbandry in the Waitaki Valley.

"Strachans" Cow Shed
Main Road

Turn left at Waitaki Orchard Shop


Justin: (03) 436-0553
Carmen: (03) 436-0142
Madeline: (03) 436-0275

Notice of Public Meeting - Hampden Transfer Station

Sunday, 15 July 2007
Hampden Hall

The Hampden Transfer Station will close in 2 months unless we all act to stop it.

To change the Council's mind, there would need to be strong community support to make it into a recycling centre. It's envisaged the transfer/recycling station would be open a similar number of hours, providing resources and possibly creating paid local job(s).

What can you do to help?

Come to the public meeting. We will discuss what options our community has and hopefully hear someone from a community already successfully handling its own waste. And it will be an opportunity to pass on your ideas/needs for solid waste management in our community. We are also inviting the Mayoral Candidates so that you can question them about any possible reduction of services to Hampden.

If this is to succeed, it will need your support so hope to see you on the 15th July!

Hampden Community Energy

Midwinter Masquerade

Saturday, 14 July 2007
starting 6:30pm

The street parade departs from Smiths Grainstore on Tyne Street at 6:30pm.

Planting Trees for Other Generations

Sunday 8 July 2007
starting 1:30pm

A practical workshop

Douglas Property (Top end of McKerrow Rd, off SH1 at Waianakarua)

Take this opportunity to share the knowledge and experience of our local "Men of the Trees" at the Douglas family's 25ha property which has been planted in 80 different tree species over 3 generations. Rob Douglas, together with Ian Davies, forester and Chris Cox, timber merchant will show us around the property, discuss the attributes of individual trees, how well they do locally and explain propagation techniques including seedlings, layering, cuttings etc.

This may be just the inspiration you need to help you to decide what/where to plant this winter. It is timed to lead into pruning and grafting workshops being organised by the Tree Crop Association in the Herbert area on July 29th and September 9th respectively.

Waterproof shoes etc recommended.
Please bring a friend.

For more info contact Rob Douglas (Tel 439 4004).

Arranged by Hampden Community Energy.

The Waitaki region is faced with resource applications for what have been termed as an "option" and a "concept".


Holcim (NZ) Ltd - The Weston Option

Waiareka Valley Preservation Society - www.wvps.co.nz
Their website has extensive information and links that show why the Weston Option may not be such a good option for the Waitaki region:

Also have a look at:
Waitaki Free Press - www.waitaki.org.nz


Meridian Energy - North Bank Tunnel Concept

Environment Canterbury - Waitaki Public Notifications

It hasn't taken long for the integrity of the Waitaki Catchment Water Allocation Regional Plan to be challenged by a non-complying activity.

Natural Heritage Society of Oamaru Inc

Historic Oamaru

Coast Line Tours

Tara Homestay
Want to be pampered? Tara Homestay is the place for you

Parisettes Gourmet Dressings

Rakaunui Nurseries

Nigel Yates Photography

Jim O'Gorman
The Dirt Doctor

Kaitrin McMullan Storyteller

Summit Wool Spinners

Southern X Press
Custom Baling of Industrial and Recycled Material

Tokarahi Homestead

Fleurs Place

The Penguin Club

Milligans Food Group

Watershed Systems

Waitaki District Council

Tourism Waitaki

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